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French Provincial Town Fountain

This product was cast in stone from an original 17th century French Provincial Town fountain found in Avignon, France. Our classic French Provincial Town Fountain is comprised of 18 blocks of stone weighing approximately 100 to 200 pounds each.


Included with the fountain are: four rustic hand-forged copper spigots with cast iron “S” brackets, splitters, tubing and a large recirculating pond pump. We also provide you with the French construction drawings which indicate the order in which to place the stones and our detailed recommendation for a method of installation. If you would like this fountain in a larger or smaller size we would be happy to work with you to create the fountain of your dreams.

Today our artisans hand cast each block and forge each copper spigot, staining the stones themselves.

Retail: $6,400 

We ship nationwide, packaging the fountain components on pallets and sending a detailed instruction manual covering installation and maintenance.

Please email to inquire or place an order.

French Town Fountain 6
French Provincial Town Fountain
Town Fountain in Onyx
Provincial Town Fountain in Alabaster
Provincial Town Fountain
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