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Image by Gary Butterfield

Stone Casting of 17th and 18th century French Provincial Fountains 

OUR STORY BEGAN IN THE HEART OF PROVENCE in 2002 when our company's founder,

Michelle Simonette LeBlanc, travelled through the countryside in the south of France in search of exquisite French garden antiques for her soon to open New Orleans St. Charles Avenue gallery.  Arriving in Avignon for a fall festival, she discovered a wonderful source for authentic hand-carved limestone 17th century French Provincial Town fountains. Water cascaded from the hand-forged rustic copper spigots into ancient stone troughs and basins evoking the sounds and images one finds in the picturesque Provincial villages that adorn the glorious landscape in this alluring corner of the world. So breathtaking were these fountains, Ms LeBlanc proclaimed the name of her new venture,   FRENCH FOUNTAINS/ A Gallery of Ancient Garden Elements. Since the opening of her magical garden of fountains in 2003 along the historic New Orleans streetcar route, designers and architects from all over America have flocked to her gates to purchase these fountains for their discerning clients. 

  In 2007,  she launched The French Casting Company in her warehouse workshop two blocks from her gallery along the road that hugs the Mississippi River in Uptown New Orleans. Here,  her artists began creating exacting replications of these 17th century French Provincial Town Fountains, using a 19th-century mould-making process that captured ever weathered detail of the stone, making these replications appear hundreds of years old. Experimenting with acid washes, she and her artist developed hues of authentic period finishes that adhered to the stone naturally. Each French fountain is cast in limestone blocks that weight 200 to 400 pounds apiece which when assembled recreate the same method of installation used for the 17th-century originals.  French Fountain's "Signature Collection of Fountains", captures the authenticity of the antique originals one finds flowing in the quaint town centre markets throughout the south of France.


For over 15 years, our clients from New York to California purchase our stone castings of these 17th-century French fountains for not only its' authentic recreation but for its' exceptional price point. Each fountain is carefully hand-cast from the antique fountain blocks that reflect the imperfections found in time-weathered ancient stone. 

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