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French Fountains offers clients the option of custom designed pieces. Our staff of professionals excels at producing beautiful fountains and ornamentation that clients love. Our process involves meeting with prospective clients to gauge their interests, creating drawings and sketches, swapping feedback and finally producing a product.

Right: Preliminary sketches of fronton options.

Custom Request

Design Drawings

The insights we glean from our clients go directly into our designs. We draw up options that could work and consult with you to make sure we're on track. We'll give you a good idea of what your piece will look like before we create the real thing.

Custom Fountain Fronton
Client's Fountain Design Request

Final Product

We cast custom fountains out of our New Orleans studio while also hiring local artisans to create custom pieces as needed. Whether it's a metal smith or a woodworker, we find the right people to get the job done.

Custom Wall Fountain with Baroque Crest

Client Feedback

Creating the ideal fountain for our clients means staying in conversation about our process and their needs.

Client's Idea

Clients come to us often with nothing more than a semblance of what they're looking for. That's fine by us. We work with people to figure out what it is that they're imagining. Whether it's a picture, a description or some seemingly disparate thoughts, our creative staff is excellent at bringing visions to life.

Left: We cast and finished the pieces to complete the custom request.

Left: A client sent in a photo of what they were interested in for a French Quarter courtyard.

Left: Client liked our sketches but opted to make a slight change.



Fire & Water Fountain

The folks at New Orleans Food and Spirits approached us about a special fountain for their back patio. We delivered.

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