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Our best-seller and signature fountain is the Town fountain, and is cast in stone from an original 17th century French Provincial Town

from Avignon, France.

Included with the fountain are: four rustic hand-forged copper spigots with cast iron “S”

brackets, splitters, tubing and a large recirculating pond pump. We also provide you with the

construction drawings which indicate the order in which to place the stones and our

detailed recommendation for a method of installation. Our staff has installed hundreds of these

fountain across the South using the traditional French method of fountain construction.

However if you are purchasing this fountain from another state, any skilled mason can mortar

the fountain together to create the finish product by following our supplied installation

instructions. Our staff will be happy to work with your mason over the phone during your

installation process. This fountain can be shipped by our common carriers offering competitive

rates. It arrives to your job site in three pallets of stone with a total weight of 4000 pounds. The

shipper (quotes vary depending on method and location of shipping) will deliver it to your site

and place the pallets on the ground.

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