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Cherub Wall Fountain

Avignon Cherub Fountain

An elegant wall fountain with a tasteful design centered around a cherub's visage.

French Provincial Town Fountain

French Provincial Town Fountain

Replicated from the original fountains found in the south of France in the 1700s.

Lion Wall Fountain

Avignon Lion Fountain

This popular fountain features a radiant lion on an arched panel adorned with scrolls.

Grotto Fountain

French Grotto Fountain

Ornately embellished and ideal for a tall garden wall, intimate alcove or grand interior foyer.

Petite Cherub stone fountain

Petite Cherub Fountain

Provides the authentic feel of an antique French fountain without exhausting budget or space.

Iron Armillary Sundial

Ornate Armillary Sundial

Hand-engraved with Roman numerals that reflect the correct time when sitting in full sun.

grand baroque french wall fountain

Grand Baroque Wall Fountain

Crowned with an ancient crest, this features water pouring from hand-forged copper spigots.

Grand Lion Fountain

Grand Lion Wall Fountain

Scrolled side stones encircle the magnificent lion mask with its radiant mane and noble visage.

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